Papa & Barkley – THCa ( 30ml ) Tincture – 425mg




Papa & Barkley’s award-winning Focus Releaf Raw Tincture promotes mental alertness and clarity. It is the only THCa tincture made with fresh-frozen flowers, producing an unrivaled terpene flavor. This tincture keeps the plant’s live nutrients intact, capturing the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients to maximize therapeutic benefits. Crafted with two simple ingredients – MCT oil and high-quality cannabis – this tincture offers a natural way to boost focus when you need it most. For best results, take daily. Intoxication Level: None to Minimal per dose. For best results refrigerate or store in a cool, dark place. (THCa can degrade with light and heat and may provide a higher level of intoxication.) Available in 15ml and 30ml. For the fastest results, use the Focus Releaf Raw Tincture sublingually by dropping your dose under the tongue and holding for 20 seconds until absorbed. Whole Plant Lipid Infusion. 100% Solvent & Chemical Free. CATEGORIES: DROPS, INGESTIBLE, FOCUS, CALIFORNIA TAGS: THCA RICH, MENTAL FOCUS, MENTAL CLARITY, NO INTOXICATION, MINIMAL INTOXICATION, RAW LIPID INFUSION


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